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Our english-spoken visitor will find here a short abstract of the Avanti Owners Switzerland Club

About us
A car club of enthusiasts of Studebaker Avanti and successors
On August 8th 1972 the AOS was founded with 16 owners of Studebaker Avantis and their successors Avanti II. It was one of the first car clubs in Switzerland dedicated to a special model of cars, i.e. Studebaker. We contacted the former representations of Studebaker in Switzerland and got to know the addresses of present owners.  In the meantime some new members joined the club and we have an actual stock of around 40 members in Switzerland and other European countries such as Germany, Austria, Italy, France and Belgium. There is a permanent change in owners and unfortunately we lost some members who where there from the real beginning of the club.

We are very keen to get news about those former members and hope that they will contact us.

As usual in our life the chance was helping us with the foundation of the AOS club.
In spring 1972 Alfred Vacano visited the international car show in Geneva with his Avanti. Returning back from exhibition to his car, he found under his wiper a short notice from a Studebaker enthusiast from USA,(Mr Seebach) who studied at the Technical University of Zurich a semester in mathematics. Alfred and his wife Trudi Vacano followed an invitation to the Seebach family and during the dinner he was introduced to Urs Meyer.

Mr Seebach met Mr Meyer at the university. He wanted to surprise his wife and asked Mr Meyer if he could drive home his wife with the newborn sun from the hospital with his Avanti.

Another chance was that they saw a further Avanti in front of the hospital, belonging to the gynecologist of Mrs. Seebach, Dr. Alfred Abbühl.

After Alfred Vacano and Urs Meyer met  at the dinner with Family Seebach they decided to search for further Avantis and started to contacti  the former Studebaker garages to receive addresses of the Avanti owners.

We organized the first Avanti meeting in August 8th, 1972 at the Brestenberg castle and there was the foundation of the Avanti Owners Switzerland club. Most of the members from that time are still in the club, they grow older in the meantime naturally.

Events and meetings
We meet each other annually once or twice at different places in Switzerland and neighbor countries. The organization was always made by different members in different places. We had the great pleasure to welcome in 1975 Mr. Raymond Loewy, coming with his Avanti from his office in Paris. (See picture) One of our members in France still owns Mr. Loewsys personal Avanti from 1963 with special features and plates inside.

Another famous visitor was the US general Bill Holt, coming with the Avanti from the place where he was stationed as commander of an US military mission in Naples/Italy. During our meetings we are visiting places of great cultural interest such as castles, monasteries, museums and also a nuclear power station. We celebrate funny evenings at nice places; see the report from Chris Altenburg in the 10th edition of Avanti magazine summer 1997.